It's a long slow road.

"So... where's this Twincast?" some of you may be asking. The story behind that is rather typical. We both work full time, and much of our time is taken up with the daily grind. Turns out that being on separate coasts with busy weekends can also make scheduling VERY difficult. That said... we ARE still working on this! We have quite a few interviews with other twin sets recorded as well as some fun science experiments, with more planned. Here are some of the interesting things we've learned so far:

- Every twin set that Alexis has met at her work has been identical. Nicole has only met fraternal sets at work. We find this very entertaining for some reason.

- People STILL want to talk to us about twin things! Nicole has had to explain 'fraternal vs identical' more times than she thought possible. She recently met a fully grown adult who honestly asked "If she gets hurt, do you feel it?" which she thought was a joke at first and then felt bad about laughing at him for saying. (No. The answer is no.) We also manage to talk about the podcast and twin things very often in loud bars without our recording gear. We are bad podcasters.

We promise, we're working on this. We're hoping to have our first episode out in March. (**edit 4/11/18** Clearly we missed this arbitrary deadline. Ah, the double edged sword of being an in-demand freelancer! Money in the pocket, no time for personal projects. Still working on it...) This is a learning process for us in so many ways so please stick with us. We've got some great stories to tell you!