We're identical twins, and we've got a podcast.


When anyone finds out that we are twins there is always a reaction.  "I'm so jealous!" "I always wanted a twin!" "How cool!" The questions veer from the mundane to the supernatural (and no, neither of us ever woke up uncertain of which twin we were.) Why these reactions? When people find out you have a sibling there isn’t a similar reaction. So we get a reaction-- and we wanted to do something about it!

Our podcast explores the myths and assumptions made about twins and multiples, and attempts to explain the fascination, using our own super twin powers and a fair amount of research. We will interview other multiples, friends, family and scientists who have unique perspectives on multiples in a singleton world. We plan on covering a wide range of topics including famous twins, the "evil twin" trope, the history of superstitious twin killing, twins in other species, and famous medical twin research, among many others.


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Learn about who we are, and why we're putting this podcast together.

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