Episode Three: Interviewing Artist (and our Mom!) Chris Carter

Last episode we included a little bit of an interview we did with our Mom, artist Chris Carter. In this episode we play you more from that interview, talking with her about what it was like finding out she was pregnant with twins and what it was like raising two identical twin girls. (We don’t get into it in the interview, but we also have a brother! His name is Mike and he’s 18 months younger than us. He’s a super rad human, but since we’re focusing on twins and multiples, we kept this conversation to her experience as a mom of twins.)

Music in this episode is from the Free Music Archive, by Podington Bear. Our theme music is 'Big Bad Good' by My Bubba. Thanks again to our mom, Chris Carter, for letting us interview you!

Here’s some information about multiple pregnancy from the March of Dimes, and here’s some info about twins with differing birth weight. We weren’t able to find the photo of our Dad holding us in time for posting, but if we do end up finding it, we’ll update this page.

Thanks for listening!